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Bucket List

You can now make a Bucket List (a.k.a. Wish List) of concerts on Concert Archives! The Bucket List is for concerts that you would love to see before you die. Most people dream of seeing certain bands (like The Raveonettes) but it could also be festivals (like Iceland Airwaves) or venues (like 9:30 Club).

The Top 5 items on your Bucket List will appear on the Overview of your profile but you can have as many items on your Bucket List as you want:

When you create a new Bucket List item, the only required field is the "Title" which could be something like "See The Raveonettes" or "Go to Iceland Airwaves". Optionally you can add band(s), a location/venue, details about why it's on your Bucket List, and if you've completed it:

Each item on your Bucket List gets it's own page with all the details and there you and other users can have a discussion about it:

You can see all of the items on your Bucket List on your Bucket List page as well as rearrange their order:

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