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FAQ: If I edit a concert, does it affect other attendees?

When you go to a concert, you share the overall experience with all the other attendees. That being said, every single person at the concert has their own personal experience too. Concert Archives embraces both of these different experiences!

The same "Facts" for everybody:

The "facts" of a concert (which bands played, the date, venue, location, setlists, etc) are the same for everybody. This is the information you enter when you create a New Concert or go to the Edit Concert page. The information that you add/edit here should be factually accurate and free of opinions because it affects all of the other attendees of the concert. When the facts of a concert change, each attendee is notified via email. Because the 'facts' are the same for everybody, anyone marked as an 'attendee' for the concert can edit the facts.

Your "Personal Experience":

Your "personal experience" of a concert could be totally different from other attendees! The Concert page is where you can share your experience and customize the concert. If you didn't see all of the bands that played, you can 'Select the bands you saw' to exclude the ones you missed. If you want to write down your memories or write a review of the concert, you can do that as a Comment (public or private). You can upload your photos and post your videos too. All on the Concert page.

To Summarize:

Creating or editing a concert: just the facts!
Concert page: customize/share your personal experience!

Managing Incorrect Edits:

One ongoing challenge is when another user makes an incorrect edit to a concert. This is something that we're always working on minimizing. We now have a feature to automatically flag edits that tend to be incorrect or that could have an impact on a large number of users. Those flagged edits get held for approval and we manually review them for accuracy before we apply the change to the concert. We're continually refining the criteria to try to catch risky edits while balancing it with the users' frustration with slow edits and our own resources/ability to research and approve them.

Some of the current criteria that trigger the need for approval are:

  • the user registered their account less than 5 days ago
  • a band has been removed from the concert
  • the concert has 20 or more attendees
  • the concert has been edited 5 or more times already
  • the concert title has been removed
  • the concert date has been changed
  • the concert's multiday setting has been changed

We certainly understand that it's frustrating when a user makes an incorrect change we're continually improving the system to avoid issues like that. We're working hard and trying to do what's best!

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